killerdude147 inducts Sissort

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killerdude147 inducts Sissort

Post  Fortune Army on Sun 1 Apr - 19:55

Hello my name is killerdude147. I am here to introduce sissort into the 2012 class fall of fame. Sissort is a true friend to all the clan members and non clan members. He is a founder to the clan. It looks hard to be a founder in the clan because of the updates and the onther stuff for the clan. He created the fortune forum. He repares the bugs on the forum. Sissort made the fortune chat box so all the clan members can talk to one another and peope can ask to join the clan . Sissort came back to the clan after a year because he had a feeling of passing out if he stayed , too bad he needed create a new account cause he got hacked when he was gone but thx to king he created him a new one just for him and gaved it to him and that s a act of heart and he must prob apprecianting it still today and like he will always have is little fortune flame inside is body .
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