Sam1902 inducts Melina Mkvsdc

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Sam1902 inducts Melina Mkvsdc

Post  Fortune Army on Sun 1 Apr - 18:42

well me you`ve been a dear friend to all of`ve been through hard times along with were always there for me along with king and vice-versa...i couldnt have asked for a better friend during the time i was in pain and was losing everything i held dear...i believe you deserve this cuz even though u were going through hard still found time to bear a smile for all of us and gave ur best to this`ve been a real help to all of us..and this is one of our ways to repay you....i hope i can continue helping you somehow mel...we all have our problems...but if we keep em all inside...we will never get better....alone we are weak...together we are invicible....remember that...and also one last thing...even when you think the people you love are gone are wrong...because as long as you keep them in your heart...they will never be keep a big place in there for i have will heal with time... and guys agree with me on this one but mel...really deserves this and i believe she has the right to all of our help from time to time...she too has problems like me and i think that she deserves to get the same help i did...its all i have to say...mel you really deserve this...and plz....never give up ok?

yours truly,
Fortune Army
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