King 04 inducts Sam1902

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King 04 inducts Sam1902

Post  Fortune Army on Sat 31 Mar - 15:04

KING 04 :Mmhh i guess i don t need a introduction right ? oh well anyway i do it ! Im 04 ...... King 04 ! and im here to introduce Sam1902 into the 2012 class hall of fame . Is Been Hard Times Since you been in the clan with corre we faced for years ... then they wanted to repeat they got destroyed again and filmed and declared destroyed as you guys know it . I Know also they tried make your life a living Hell but King was ther and putted in is fist right down is jaw where he belonged at then the king castle smiled singing Fortune kicked ther a$$ ! Fortune kicked ther a$$ ! , fortune kicked ther a$$ ! and in the futur we be singing others songs about it and it kinda goes like this : Johnny Christian went to town riding on a pony King stuck a feather up his ass and called him a Muchobroni! and we be celebrating the new year singing
Fortune Brings it ! it goes like this make a big noise baby with ur mouth´╗┐ like you do every single day. so lift off yo face, u big disgrace, kickin ur a$$ all over the place. the corre your a joke,With your 3 weak moves,Saying that your gonna beat Fortune there aint no way.Gotta raise above the hate,Better off´╗┐ weight,Kicking your a$$ in yo face singing .WE WILL WE WILL ROCK YOU , the corre sucks .WE WILL WE WILL ROCK YOU . the corre sucks . the corre your a b!tch,Eating Kung Pow chicken.You will never beat Fortune on your Very Best day.Dumb look off your face,waste of Space,Team fortune worldwide taken ova the place singing . We WILL WE WILL ROCK YOU Singing now ! We WILL WE WIL ROCK YOU. Congratuallation Sam to Made It into the Hof you earned this honor and your now a Hall of Fameur cause you worked your Candy a$$ hard every day you could for your clan and you always bringed it
Fortune Army
Hall of Fameur
Hall of Fameur

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