Sissort Inducts Vexxbrother

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Sissort Inducts Vexxbrother

Post  Fortune Army on Sat 31 Mar - 14:39

Hi im sissort a founder of aqw clan Fortune and i am here to introduce Vexxbrother into the 2012 class hallof fame as you all know a sad new happened Vexxbrother left the clan for a allie clan but we will never forget him as he made even trough to be in the hof with is determination and heart . I feel happy to induct him in the Hof cause now im more on in the clan im trying to do my best and even if is already sad ennough write down this text and let it out laiding into the sky and never comming back cause it already flyed away and This is why i have the pleasure to introduce Vexxbrother in the 2012 hall of fame. And Good Luck in your Futur Clan Vexxbrother !
Fortune Army
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Hall of Fameur

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